Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oak Meadow curriculum giveaway

I'm deviating from the topic of writing today to post about a great giveaway. As many of you know, I'm homeschooling my son. Last year for kindergarten we used Oak Meadow syllabus as a curriculum base and it worked pretty well for us. It uses Waldorf philosophy and includes a lot of nature based activities.

This year, I'm using Oak Meadow's first grade syllabus as part of a tailored curriculum that fits my son's learning style, which is very visual. I love that about teaching him myself at home. His lessons are made specifically for him. And I get to be part of the whole process, which is amazing. 

Now for the giveaway part. Oak Meadow is giving away one complete homeschooling curriculum. The lucky winner will be able to choose the grade. Read more about it HERE. By posting about it on my blog, I'm increasing my chances of winning. Wish me luck.

Read more about Oak Meadow curriculum HERE


  1. While I don't have a child to educate, I think this is very neat of you to spread!

  2. It's really great to see you here after A to Z is over! You're awesome, John.

  3. Congrats on the A to Z. hope to see you next year.