Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Write to know

Write what you know. It's one of the most repeated tips on writing out there; but is it good advice?

In one sense, I'd say yes, especially if you know about something, or have a unique perspective into something, that no one else does. While it's true that writing about things you know saves you a lot of research and time, I say write TO know. Write what you know, but by all means, don't stop there.

I've learned all kinds of things from my stories. I've had to learn about spiders and goth culture and color therapy and gang stalking among other things. How sad if I only wrote about the what I've already learned in my life. Writing should stretch our knowledge and maybe even change our minds about certain things.

It's about more than just the world around us, though. It's about exploring ourselves and humanity. And the beautiful thing is, no matter how much we learn in the process of writing a story, there's always more waiting to be absorbed.

Write what you know, but also write to know.

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